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moral stories of kids

moral stories of kids
Written by Abhishek Pandey

moral stories of kids There was a cock in one of the forests with hundreds of relatives. He was far bigger and more powerful than other cats.


A wild cat lived in the same forest. He had killed many relatives of the chicken and got chopped. His eyesight was now on that fat rooster.


Even if he tried many, he could not catch it. By the way, he energized and one day came under the tree on which the cock was sitting. The cat said, “O chicken! I love you, I’m fascinated by your beauty, your wings and crevices are very attractive. Please accept your wife and come down immediately, so that I can serve you.


The cock was big intelligent. he said:-


“O cat! You are four feet


Give me


Find someone else on


Because you are




Never had a


Birds and wild animals. ”


When the cat wanted to lure the chicken again, the chicken told him,


“O Cat Thou Of My Relatives


Drank blood For you also in my mind


There is no pity. Why you again


Is there a desire to be my wife? ”


The cat is in the place of hearing the harsh truth from the mouth of the poultry and the shame of being rejected by himself Immediately depart from, and never again seen around that tree.



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There was a turtle in a pond. In the same pool, two swans used to swim. Swan was very cheerful and friendly. Turtles and friendship did not take long for them.


Both swans slowed down the turtle and its innocence. Swan was also very knowledgeable. They tell the turtle wonderful things.


Announcing stories of charity Swans used to travel far and wide, so the strange things of other places tell the turtle. Turtle mesmerized listening to their words Everything else was fine, but the tortoise had a lot of habit of stopping in the middle.


Due to his gentle nature, Swan did not consider this habit bad. The intensity of those three grew. The days passed.
Once a lot of dryness rises. In the rainy season, even a drop of water does not rain.


The water of that pond started drying up. The animals began to die, and the fish died suddenly. The water of the pond started to dry and quickly dry.


At one time it came that the pond was empty. The tortoise fell into a big crisis. The question of life and death has arisen. The end of the tortoise was sure to stay there.


Swans began to think of the solution to overcome the crisis that came upon his friend. He tries to convince his friend Turtle and he does not want to lose.


Swans were not giving only false comfort. They fly far and wide and find a solution to the problem. After returning one day, both swans said, “Friend, there is a lake fifty farther away from here.


There is plenty of water in it, you will be there with pleasure.” Turtle’s voice said in the voice, “Fifty cows? I will take months to go so far. By that time I will die. ”


The turtle thing was also fine. Swans fought aggressively and thought of away.


They brought a block of wood and said, “Friend, we both will fly together in the beak by catching the end of this stick. You keep this stick from the mouth in the middle.


In this way, we will reach you to that lake, and after that, you will not have any worries. ”


They warned “But remember, do not open your mouth during the flight. Otherwise, it will fall. ”


The turtle nodded in Ya. Just grab the wood and go hungry. Among them, the timber mouth buried turtle They were flying over the top of a town that people standing below looked amazing in the sky.


All started showing each other the glance of the sky above. People ran and ran on their tricks. Some run towards the rooftops of their houses.


Children, buddies, women, and young people all lookup. Loud noise The turtle’s eyes fell on those people.


He was surprised that so many people are watching him. He forgot the warning of his friends and shouted: “Look, how many people are watching us!” When the mouth opened, he fell. His bone rib did not even know below.


Learning: Opening mouth unnecessary is very expensive.



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There was a sparrow nest on a tree in a forest. One day it was cold. Shaking with cold, three-four monkeys took shelter under the same tree.


A monkey said, “There may be cold away if you get fire from somewhere.”

The second monkey suggested “Look, how dry the leaves are falling here. By collecting them, we put a heap and then think of the solution to shake it. ”


Monkeys made a pile of dry leaves and then sat in the circular area and started thinking about how to fix the pile. Then a monkey’s eyes fell on a firefly flying away in the air and he jumped.


While running, he shouted, “Look, the spark is flying in the air. By catching it and blowing it under the heap, the fire will dry out. ”


Calling “yes!”, The other monkeys started running there The sparrow sitting in his nest on the pad was watching it all. She was not kept silent. That speech “Monkey brothers, it’s not a spark, it’s a firefly.”


A monkey, angry at the sight of a sparrow, said, “Silly fan, keep quiet in a nest. We have gone to teach.”


Meanwhile, a monkey jumped and made Jugnu in possession of a bowl between his palms and became successful in capturing. Firefly was placed under a heap and all the monkeys blowing around in a pile


Sparrow advised “brothers! You guys are making a mistake. Fire will not escape from firefly. Flame the two stones by creating a spark and stirring it. ”


Monkeys roam the sparrow. If the fire did not settle, then sparrow said, “Brothers! If you think of my advice, try at least two dry wooden rugs together. ”


All the monkeys were upset because of not getting fired. A monkey grew furiously and filled the anger and caught the sparrow and hit it on the tree trunk. The sparrow fluttered and fell and died.


Learning: There is no benefit to learning fools. The inverted learner has to repent.


Moral stories for kids


There was ever a gold deer in Varanasi forests. His eyes are gleaming; The horn was made of silver and his body was larger and beautiful than other deer.


He was the king of five hundred deers and was called by the name of Nigradharaj. Another deer was resembling the same forest in the same forest. He was also the king of five hundred deers. His name was Sakha.


In those days Varanasi was very dear to the deer. Every day he was fond of eating new dishes of deer meat. The king’s successors were very disturbed by this because the deer became aware of the big scarcity and the fast-paced queues in a moment.


So one day the King’s men found a diagnosis of not running behind deer every day. They encircled all but a trail going to the forest from the forest, and with the help of drums, the forest center became increasing.


Then all the deceased gathered in a garden of the King while going through the footpath to the city. As soon as all the antelope reached the garden, people closed the gardens.


There were also two gold-antelope among those same deers. When the king listened to his discussion, he came to see him and gave him life because of his specialty.


After that day whenever the king’s successor came to kill a deer, fearing the arrival of the deer, where the deer starts running, due to which many deers are killed or injured in a place of a deer.


To avoid this disaster, the deer assembled a meeting and decided that every day a Deer King would go to the ambush and sacrifice himself.


Raja’s descendants were also happy with the cooperation of the deer and they only used to be the progeny of the fallen deer.


One day the turn of a female green came. There was a tiny deer moment in his stomach. Since she lived in a herd of a herd, she went to her king and started praying for someone to replace her.


The branch deer declined his suggestion saying that the change in law was not possible. The roar of the roar, he reached near Nigradraj and also repeated his prayer in front of him. Nigradharaj then thought it appropriate to sacrifice his life for his help.


The next day when the king’s abusers stood ready to die for a golden deer at the right place, then immediately informed the incident to the king.


The king wanted to know why the deer was ready for death even after giving life-giving. So he immediately reached the scene and wanted to know the reason for his death by Nigradharaj.


Nigradhar then narrated the story of the pregnant diamond to him. Upon hearing the king, he also donated the pregnant diamond with him. Nigrudraj again asked about the other deer that what Raja would like to do for his life. The king then said, “He will also receive life-giving”.


Nigradha asked, “What will happen to the lives of the remaining animals?” The king said, “He will also receive life-giving.” Deer asked again about the birds and the lives of the animals King


Then declared the duality of all the birds and fishes living in their kingdom. “And as long as the king was alive, no living organism was killed in his kingdom.


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